Sunday 5 October 2014

Brain Friendly Selling Tips #2: Chunk

This is the second in a series of articles about several powerful “brain friendly selling” principles that you incorporate into the structure and content of your sales pitch to make them more effective. 

The second principle is the concept of "chunking".

When delivering your sales pitch clearly outline the process that you are going to follow with the customer at the start of your pitch.  Chunk your sales pitch into a series of clear steps and explain these to the customer and tell them that you will be following these steps during the pitch.

This establishes a mental pathway which makes your pitch easier for their brain to process.

In addition this makes sure that you don't overload the customer's brain and will help to provide it with comfort (an uncomfortable brain never buys) and certainty (an uncertain or confused brain doesn't buy).

This chunking process also primes their brain to expect each step (this helps with comfort and certainty) and allows you to stimulate curiosity (as described fully in the first blog post in this series of brain friendly selling tips) by mentioning things that you will be telling them about – only not just yet!

Always chunk your sales pitch into bite size chunks and / or simple steps that are easy for the customer to follow and understand.

By using the concept of chunking your sales pitch your sales messages will be more easily received, processed and accepted by the buying brain inside your customer's head.

Good luck and good selling!

Simon Hazeldine

Simon Hazeldine MSc FinstSMM is an international speaker and consultant in the areas of sales, negotiation, performance leadership and applied neuroscience.
He is the bestselling author of five business books:

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